Friday, June 12, 2009

Using Cross Stitch to Manage Adversity

Today, two inspirational examples of people using cross stitch to manage adversity in their lives.

First, a Michigan woman used cross stitch to manage stress in the face of job loss. Quote of the day:

"There is something about a beautiful work of cross stitch that always moved me. It looked so tedious, but at the same time, challenging. So, I went to the cross stitch store, bought a pattern, thread and canvas, and began my work of art. Talk about time consuming! It became my treat to myself, my reward, after sending out my resume, going on interviews, or making connections that day. It was tedious, hard on the eyes and tiresome, but I loved every minute of it. It also distracted me, which kept me from obsessing on the fact that I didn't have a job."

Second, a review of a Canadian exhibit by a diagnosed schizophrenic who uses cross stitch (and quilting) to help cope with his disease. He "took up cross-stitch to focus his nervous energy" and began creating some amazing art.

Wow. What a wonderful testament to the healing power of art -- specifically cross stitch -- in our lives!

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