Friday, June 26, 2009

Take A Stitching Vacation

Itching to get away from it all and focus on your stitching? Create your own stitching vacation! Design your own perfect escape, with plenty of time built in for stitching. A few suggestions to get you started:

-- Choose your travel companions carefully. A few close friends who share your passion for stitching, for example, might be the ideal companions. If you do include non-stitchers in your travel plans, be sure they have alternative activities planned - activities that will be fun for them, but that you won't mind missing in exchange for some quiet stitching time. Remember, the point of this low-stress get-away is to relax and stitch - so whomever you choose as your travel partners, make sure they will enhance the experience and make it a fun, memorable event.

-- Pick your vacation destination carefully as well. A beautiful, tranquil location is always a stress-buster, but make sure you pick a place where you will be content to sit and stitch. For example, if you pick a resort destination with a million possible activities, you might feel guilty if you didn't participate and thus you might not be inclined to stitch. Consider instead a more relaxed, laid-back environment - perhaps even something somewhat secluded. Try a quiet cabin in the mountains, a beautiful cottage on the ocean, a charming inn or an intimate B&B.

-- Of course, planning which pieces to work on during your vacation is key. You might want to have a few different projects available for rotation purposes. Mix it up - maybe something small, quick and easy along with that BAP you've been working on forever. Think about working on projects with different materials and finishing techniques as well - Aida and linen, a towel and a scissor fob, etc. Whatever sounds like fun and will keep things interesting and fresh! Naturally, be sure to pack carefully - make sure all your projects are kitted up and ready to go, include that extra pair of scissors just in case, and don't forget that fave stitching light you always use.

-- Consider how you like to stitch and include that in your plans. For example - do you like to stitch while watching a great movie, or listening to a fabulous audio book? Bring your faves along, as well as a few new ones that you're looking forward to, and you'll be on your way to stiching nirvana!

-- Remember, try not to overplan or overdo. It's always helpful to have a general schedule in mind, and/or a few ideas for potentially fun activities, but the point of the vacation is to slow down, take a break, and focus on stitching. Cramming a bunch of extra activities into the trip will defeat the purpose! Pick a couple of things to do that might be fun for the occasional stitching break, and leave it at that. Relax, have fun, and enjoy stitching!

-- Treasure the memories. Take lots of pictures, keep a journal, make a scrapbook - whatever works for you! With luck, your stitching vacation will turn into a regular tradition.

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