Friday, May 29, 2009

Cross Stitch Factoids About Me

A few tidbits about me and my interest in cross stitch, just in case you're curious:

-- I live in the Raleigh, NC area. My LNS is The Lazy Daizy. Love them!

-- Fave thing about cross stitch: Working with all the different colors!

-- Fave subjects to cross stitch: Cats, quilts, four seasons themes. Seeing how this connects with my love of all things color?

-- Ultimate cross stitch goal: Finish at least one Paula Vaughn design (first stop: "Purr-fect Patterns"). Her work is one of the reasons I got hooked on cross stitch in the first place!

-- How I got started: My mom taught me. After an extended break while completing my education, I got back into cross stitch shortly after starting my first real job about ten years ago. Been going strong ever since.

-- Fave way to cross stitch: On the couch next to my Ott light, blanket and cat on my lap, with a 'comfort movie' (read: Pride and Prejudice, Chocolat, The Princess Bride, etc.) that I've seen a million times playing in the background.

-- I'm definitely a methodical (read: slow) stitcher. There isn't a project I've done that hasn't been a WISP (Work in Slow Progress). Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that I always seem to choose huge projects with a million color changes? Darn that color addiction. :)

There you have it. A bit of insight into my world. Stitch On!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cross Stitch News

A few news articles of interest with regard to the world of cross stitch: -- A heartwarming article about a senior gentleman in Nebraska who is creating (and displaying) some amazing cross stitch. -- Filipino artist Manuel Baldemor is collaborating with DMC to turn some of his beautiful artwork into some stunning cross stitch. It's available in the Philippines; not sure if it will be available elsewhere or not. -- Apparently, Urban Cross Stitch is quite the rage in Britain. Mmmm.... Cupcakes, Cocktails, & Cross Stitch - what a great idea!

Stitch On!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cross Stitch Acronyms and Terminology

Ever wonder what the heck cross stitchers mean when they say that they have multiple WIPs, a stack of UFOs, not to mention have achieved SABLE, but they are still going to their LNS to acquire more stash?

Never fear, Center Stitch is here to provide an explanation of cross stitch acronyms and terminology. To wit:

WIP = work in progress
UFO = unfinished object
Stash = personal needlework supplies
SABLE = Stash Acquision Beyond Life Expectancy
LNS = Local Needlework Shop

There now, don't you feel better? Now you'll know what someone means when they ask you if you want to participate in a SAL (stitch-along, multiple stitchers work on a design at the same time) or a RR (round robin - several stitchers working on projects in sequence).

For additional explanations of cross stitch acronyms and terminology, see:

Stitch On!

Welcome to Center Stitch!

Welcome to Center Stitch. I hope this blog will be a center of news and information for new and experienced cross stitchers alike. Center Stitch will include tips, trends, and tidbits - in short, anything of interest in the world of cross stitch! I hope Center Stitch can serve as a helpful starting point for new stitchers, as well as a resource for experienced stitchers. Ideally, Center Stitch will bring stitchers together in a fun and informative community that will help sustain and develop the craft that is cross stitch. Enjoy!