Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cross Stitch Record Keeping

Keeping records of your cross stitch projects can be fun and a great reminder of how much love, time, and energy you invest in your projects. You may even want to have a special journal or notebook that you use to record your cross stitching activities. Here are a few things to consider keeping track of:

-- Naturally, the name of the project and the designer. Also the details of the materials used - which fabric, threads, embellishments, etc.
-- The date you started a project, and date of completion. I've been known to write these on the chart itself so they are easy to find.
-- Some stitchers even track how many hours they spend on each project!
-- Was the project for a special person or event?
-- Take progress pictures of your work as you stitch, and of course the all-important 'finish' photo!
-- Make note of any special details or stories related to this project.

Of course, the best part is sharing your 'finish' news with those who can appreciate that big 'Happy Dance' of excitement and accomplishment!

If there are other ideas out there related to tracking your projects, I'd love to hear them!

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