Friday, July 17, 2009

Creativity and Cross Stitch

A 'multiple birds with one stone' discovery! First I ran across this very cool PDF on the benefits of listening to music while doing cross stitch (there are some other resources as well, such as this one on mental health and cross stitch). I am a huge believer in the benefits of creative and expressive arts therapy (music, writing, art, dance, all of it!), so this was really great.

Then I realized the web site was that of a company who produces a pretty nifty looking tool for helping track your place while stitching. Neat idea!

Finally, the article mentions the author Tera Leigh, who has a very cool web site all about creativity and art, which is certainly applicable to the art of cross stitch. As a creative writing major in college and an avid journaler, I also really love her journaling tips. A great way to extend the joy of creativity and cross stitch into the written word!

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