Monday, October 5, 2009

Cross Stitch Party

Want to have some fun with your fellow cross stitchers? Consider throwing a stitching party! Enjoy some great food and drink, then settle in for concentrated cross stitch and conversation. You'll probably want to keep the food simple, low-key, and fun - and minimally messy, given all the fabrics and floss around! Here are a few ideas for the food...

1. Follow the lead of Urban Cross Stitch in the UK, and throw a Cupcakes, Cocktails, and Cross stitch party! Make a selection of your fave cupcakes, or order some from your favorite bakery. Alternatively, have each of the attendees bring some, and make it a cupcake potluck party! Accompany the cupcakes with some cocktails made for a crowd. Personally, I'd choose ones that can be made in large quantities in advance, such as sangria. Food Network has a ton of mixed drink recipes, such as this Southern Comfort Punch, as does Epicurious.

2. A wine and cheese party is always a classic.

3. Focus on dips -- make a few, then ask your attendees to each bring their fave party dip. Yum! My inspiration for this idea is a local Dip Club, an article about which appeared in my local paper.

4. A dessert party is a sweet way to go. Pair the dessert table with a coffee bar, and you're ready for hours of stitching. A variation on this is the coffee and chocolate party.

5. A sandwich and soup buffet is an easy, fun, casual way to feed your fellow stitchers. Put out a variety of sandwich makings so your attendees can make their own sandwich creations, and then have a couple of soups as well. For other similar ideas, check out these make-ahead buffet menus.

There you have it - there's no reason not to bring your stitching buddies together for a fun and tasty cross stitch party!

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